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    4 Tips for Fall Home Staging


    Summer is underway and hopefully you’ve had plenty of time to enjoy the blue skies, fresh air and sunshine. Home staging can play a vital role in reducing time on the market, especially with Autumn around the corner. Staging a home is essential to selling it quickly – a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that “Seventy-seven percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.” Seasonal personalization can produce cordial vibes in the home and warm-up customers into making their big first purchase.

    1. Maximize Curb Appeal

    Consider landscaping the yard or hiring a professional if it is within your means. The home's exterior often forms the first impression for potential buyers. Consequently, focus your energy outside on raking, weeding, trimming or other outdoor tidying. Sweep decks and patios and be sure to wash the windows and remove stains.

    2. Declutter

    Clean cobwebs and dust and stow away summer items such as pool toys and sporting equipment to declutter the home. Be sure to sweep and dust –especially behind large furniture including refrigerators, ovens and cabinets (where people often forget). Clear bedrooms of any tech gadgets such as video game consoles and TVs. Empty out any storage rooms or closets to show off space. Vacuum and/or deep clean any carpets and rugs to reduce stale air and capitalize on the freshness of fall.

    3. Create Atmosphere with Aromas & Accents

    Bring out the fireplace (if available) to highlight warmth and comfort. Adorn couches with throw pillows, blankets, quilts and other inviting textiles and fabrics. Use yellows, oranges and bronzes for the accents to match fall seasonal colors. Fill the home with fall motifs and scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin spice, etc. Baking cookies in the home can be messy, opt instead to simmer cinnamon sticks with apples in water on your stove to infuse an inviting fall aroma in the air. 

    4. Strike a Balance with Minimal Decor

    A well staged home should result in an inviting ambience. Don’t overdo the decorations--while they emphasize certain features --you don’t want the buyer to feel like they're encroaching on others' space. Avoid excessive decorations and gimmicky or elaborate displays and let the cleanliness and outdoor colors do most of the talking.

    Need more home staging tips? Questions about a home? Call us at (907) 751-2500 – get started today with Northern Trust Real Estate!



    ANC Summer Snapshots


    1. Earthquake Park

    This scenic park west of downtown honors the deadly 1964 Good Friday Earthquake that reshaped the city and its surrounding landscape. The hilly, wooded area offers the quintessential view of the Anchorage city skyline from a few different clear vantage points. The silhouette of Sleeping Lady “Mount Susitna” can be clearly seen. Moose frequent the area so be vigilant.

    2. Point Woronzof

    Drive just a couple of miles past Earthquake Park (continuing on Northern Lights) and you’ll reach a more remote, beach access spot. Point Woronzoff offers another Westerly scenic view of Anchorage from a serene beach access point. Many outdoor enthusiasts, tourists, couples and other visitors enjoy watching the planes fly right overhead.

    3. Glen Alps Trailhead

    Not more than a 15 minute drive outside of Anchorage, the Glen Alps Trailhead provides a full panoramic view of the city. It is the starting point for some of Anchorage’s top hikes including Flat Top Mountain. The beauty of surrounding mountain ranges, mud flats and seeing all of the city sprawled out 1,300 miles below is truly unparalleled. A place of Beauty and history, Some of the perks of owning a new Home in Alaska. 

    4 Tips to Stage Your Home for Summer


    1. Use Natural Light!

    Harness the sun’s power to add a cordial element to your home’s interior making its characteristics pop more for photos and tours. Remove or replace large curtains, move furniture away from the windows, unplug unnecessary lights and set the tone with sunshine. Natural sunlight is shown to boost peoples’ concentration, mood, productivity and overall health 1. These can be powerful factors in converting general inquiries to buyers for your home.

    2. Spruce-up the Exterior

    The grass is literally greener during summer. Showcase your home with a freshly mowed lawn, trimmed shrubs and a weed-free garden. Water your plants and use mulch to keep things tidy. Flowers characterize your home as photogenic while infusing welcoming aromas into the atmosphere. Paint touch-ups on the exterior can go a long way in making the home look new. Don’t forget to also highlight: pools, patios, decks, barbecue areas and other outdoor spaces.


    3. Keep the Home Clean & Cool

    Keep the thermostat at 70 and make good use of AC, fans and dehumidifiers to keep the home well ventilated and comfortable. Be sure to also remove any clutter and personal items such as family photos or other bric-a-brac that may distract buyers. One good trick is to set an ice-cold pitcher of lemonade or water on the kitchen counter with some chilled glasses to augment the kitchen presentation and make visitors feel at home as soon as they enter.

    4. Capitalize on the Color Palette

    Warm up the inside of your home to reflect the season’s beauty: sky blues, grass greens, sunny yellows etc. These colors are psychologically inviting and resonate positively with people — especially during summer. Use luminous or neutral colors for towels, linens, accent pillows and other home accessories. Highlighting the charm of your home with seasonal accents can encourage prospective buyers to take action.


    3 Advantages to using a Property Management Company


    And why you’ll wish you did sooner!

    Get outside - we'll work for you.
    • No More Tenant Screening

      Many people who own residential and commercial rentals find the first challenges often come with tenant screening. Risks facing property owners during this process include: unreliable tenants, scams and discrimination lawsuits. At Northern Trust Real Estate our Property Managers have combed through thousands of applications and are able to quickly detect any red flags or potential issues. We serve as your point of contact for all of future and current tenants.

    • No More Late Night Calls -- Maintenance or Otherwise!

      Tired of never-ending maintenance phone calls? Property Managers handle the arduous upkeep and repairs of your properties to maximize the profit of your investments. We take care of touch-ups, handyman work and all other issues quickly and professionally. Our team of in-house staff and contractors keep costly maintenance issues to a minimum.

    • Better Marketing

      Northern Trust Real Estate Property Managers regularly employ savvy marketing techniques and draw on a professional Creative Services department to increase exposure, sales, rentals and overall demand for your properties. By utilizing audience targeted ad campaigns across a wide range of media including E-newsletters, brochures and social campaigns, we keep vacancy cycles to a minimum.

    2 More Advantages to using a Property Management Company

    Let us manage your properties
    • Minimize Daily Hassle

      Day-to-day management can be stressful and time consuming. By hiring a reputable property management company, you can ultimately save yourself a lot of time and money to focus on other endeavors like your family, leisure and travels. We’ll make sure the tenants are secured, rent is paid in a timely fashion and the buildings retain or gain market value – all you have to do is relax. Many people who own properties don’t even need to live in the same state as the property so as a long a reputable property manager is in charge.

    • Tax Deductions & Write-offs

      Now that you have less stress and more time and freedom, don’t forget the added tax benefits. Homeowners frequently neglect to deduct expenses for property management and maintenance. Skilled property managers like our team at Northern Trust are well versed in fees, maintenance and management costs that constitute tax deductions.

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