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    Moving Day: How Pet Owners Can Get Through It Safely


    Moving Day: How Pet Owners Can Get Through It Safely
    by Guest Blogger Cindy Aldridge

    Photo via Pixabay
    Moving day is always filled with lots of activity and motion, and almost always it comes with stress and unforeseen mishaps. When you have a lot on your mind, it’s easy to overlook some of the details that come with buying and selling a home and getting all your belongings to the new place without a hitch. Unfortunately, for pet owners, this can sometimes mean that beloved pets suffer anxiety, injury, or even emotional distress, so it’s important to stay organized and have a good plan in place before the move.
    The best way to start is by making lists of everything that needs to be done. Having it all in front of you -- and being able to cross off the things you’ve completed -- will not only keep you organized, it will also help you feel accomplished and allow you to move on to the next goal. Plus, it can help you delegate jobs so that everything doesn’t fall to you.
    Here are a few tips on how to make it through a move while keeping your pets safe and happy.
    Keep your routine
    It can be difficult to keep up with your normal routine during the sometimes chaotic weeks leading up to a move, but it’s important for your pet to feel that nothing has changed. Some animals have high anxiety about change, and a move can be a big deal to them, leading to behavioral issues and problems with eating and sleeping. If you have a dog, take him for a walk every day, give him dinner at the normal time, and keep your packing materials in one place rather than having them scattered all over the house. If you will be working long hours in preparation for the move, consider hiring a dog walker to come and step in for you.
    Give him lots of love
    Even the most well-behaved pets can have trouble with minding their manners if they feel they’re being neglected, so give your pet lots of love and attention during this time. Take time every night to cuddle, have playtime, and engage with him, and encourage your family to do the same. This will keep him happy and set his mind at ease.
    Take him to the new home
    Before the move, take your pet to the new house, and, if possible, let him explore the area. This way, he’ll have an easier time getting used to the new place and the transition won’t be so harsh when he encounters so many different smells and sounds.
    Keep him out of the way
    On moving day, keep your pet out of the way by asking a friend to come and entertain him or take him to their house. Or, you can designate a room at the back of the house where can hang out away from all the action. Give him some treats and keep the shades drawn so he won’t see all the commotion, and communicate with everyone in the house -- family and movers alike -- about keeping the door closed. Not only will this keep your pet safe during all the activity of the day, it will give you peace of mind about his whereabouts.
    Give him familiarity
    After the move, you might be tempted to throw out old toys and food dishes; don’t. Keeping his familiar belongings around, even for just the first few weeks in the new home, will help him acclimate to his new digs and ease the transition. Place these things in areas that are similar to where they were in the old house, especially if your pet is older or has mobility issues. One new thing you will want to add is an air purifier. Stressed out pets shed more, leaving more smell and dander behind. Research models online to make sure you get one with a pre-filter to trap larger particles and an activated carbon filter to address pet odors.
    Moving is a big process, and it requires quite a bit of planning to execute well. Don’t leave things for the last minute if you don’t have to. A well-orchestrated move requires certain steps. Ask for help from friends and family to ensure that the day goes smoothly for everyone.


    Fall Market Trends


    The 2018 Anchorage real estate market is flat meaning prices have remained mostly stable compared to the previous year. Despite a small drop in inventory the average price of a single family home in 2017 was $366,000 in Anchorage (approximately the same as 2016). Meanwhile, housing inventory has gone down with fewer homes listed for sale on the market – but not to worry – this figure is said to be reflective of a “return to normal” according to housing market data (ADN). There is room for gains in the future.  
    What does this mean for buyers and sellers?
    For now Buyers are benefitting the most as prices haven’t risen dramatically and there are still enough homes listed to surpass demand. The last quarter of 2018 marks a good time for those looking to buy since sellers are competing in a flat market and may use price drops to incentivize buyers. While buyers may have fewer options to choose from, they should be able to find affordable homes. Sellers should remain optimistic too, however. The stable prices point to a healthy trend in the housing market. Anchorage has one of the highest population turnovers in the U.S. with last year marking the fifth year in a row where more people moved out of state then in state. These and other factors mean in theory the market could be down far more. For now, Anchorage and the greater region are doing well when you consider the current factors.
    Other trends could increase market demand significantly, including changes in oil prices, Arctic exploration, military expansion and tourism, among other factors.
    Want More?
    Stay tuned for more Real Estate news from Northern Trust Real Estate. We know our city and all it's neighborhoods --Anchorage is our home too so you'll know that we can help you find the house that you can call home!


    3 Ways Back-to-School Affects the Market


    Back-to-school season is here and its a busy time for all! If buying or selling a home is on your list of to-dos this fall we've got you covered. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

    1. School District Boundaries Matter
    School districts are a major consideration for buyers: A study on Realtor.com found that among Buyers surveyed, “23%  would pay 1-5 percent above budget” while "20% would pay 6-10 above budget” to live in a home in a specific school district. For many potential buyers, school district boundaries serve as one of the primary concerns factored in when shopping for a home. As a seller you want to have your house on the market by mid-July to ensure it is featured prominently – especially if you live in a sought-after school district.

    2. Brace for Market Challenges
    Be aware: Brace for challenges if selling family homes, 3 (or more) bedroom units, multi-level homes etc. Traditionally the market slows down with these family-style units ---especially around this time. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you as the market tends to pick up in Mid-August after school starts. Prepare for a slow period and be ready to advertise across multiple channels.
    3. Some Properties Still Sell Fast
    Among the slow market challenges, some homes traditionally sell well regardless of the season. This includes but is not limited to retirement communities, condos and Town Homes. It might make sense to prioritize your energy on family homes during this period -- but as always treat it case-by-case and see what works. 

    Sources: https://www.realtor.com/advice/buy/back-to-school-home-search-tips/


    4 Tips for Fall Home Staging


    Summer is underway and hopefully you’ve had plenty of time to enjoy the blue skies, fresh air and sunshine. Home staging can play a vital role in reducing time on the market, especially with Autumn around the corner. Staging a home is essential to selling it quickly – a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that “Seventy-seven percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.” Seasonal personalization can produce cordial vibes in the home and warm-up customers into making their big first purchase.

    1. Maximize Curb Appeal

    Consider landscaping the yard or hiring a professional if it is within your means. The home's exterior often forms the first impression for potential buyers. Consequently, focus your energy outside on raking, weeding, trimming or other outdoor tidying. Sweep decks and patios and be sure to wash the windows and remove stains.

    2. Declutter

    Clean cobwebs and dust and stow away summer items such as pool toys and sporting equipment to declutter the home. Be sure to sweep and dust –especially behind large furniture including refrigerators, ovens and cabinets (where people often forget). Clear bedrooms of any tech gadgets such as video game consoles and TVs. Empty out any storage rooms or closets to show off space. Vacuum and/or deep clean any carpets and rugs to reduce stale air and capitalize on the freshness of fall.

    3. Create Atmosphere with Aromas & Accents

    Bring out the fireplace (if available) to highlight warmth and comfort. Adorn couches with throw pillows, blankets, quilts and other inviting textiles and fabrics. Use yellows, oranges and bronzes for the accents to match fall seasonal colors. Fill the home with fall motifs and scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin spice, etc. Baking cookies in the home can be messy, opt instead to simmer cinnamon sticks with apples in water on your stove to infuse an inviting fall aroma in the air. 

    4. Strike a Balance with Minimal Decor

    A well staged home should result in an inviting ambience. Don’t overdo the decorations--while they emphasize certain features --you don’t want the buyer to feel like they're encroaching on others' space. Avoid excessive decorations and gimmicky or elaborate displays and let the cleanliness and outdoor colors do most of the talking.

    Need more home staging tips? Questions about a home? Call us at (907) 751-2500 – get started today with Northern Trust Real Estate!



    ANC Summer Snapshots


    1. Earthquake Park

    This scenic park west of downtown honors the deadly 1964 Good Friday Earthquake that reshaped the city and its surrounding landscape. The hilly, wooded area offers the quintessential view of the Anchorage city skyline from a few different clear vantage points. The silhouette of Sleeping Lady “Mount Susitna” can be clearly seen. Moose frequent the area so be vigilant.

    2. Point Woronzof

    Drive just a couple of miles past Earthquake Park (continuing on Northern Lights) and you’ll reach a more remote, beach access spot. Point Woronzoff offers another Westerly scenic view of Anchorage from a serene beach access point. Many outdoor enthusiasts, tourists, couples and other visitors enjoy watching the planes fly right overhead.

    3. Glen Alps Trailhead

    Not more than a 15 minute drive outside of Anchorage, the Glen Alps Trailhead provides a full panoramic view of the city. It is the starting point for some of Anchorage’s top hikes including Flat Top Mountain. The beauty of surrounding mountain ranges, mud flats and seeing all of the city sprawled out 1,300 miles below is truly unparalleled. A place of Beauty and history, Some of the perks of owning a new Home in Alaska. 
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