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    Contributed by Guest Blogger Sally Norton

    Moving to a colder climate requires certain preparations. Whether it's for work, fun, or just out of pure necessity, each relocation has its own adventures. However, if we add the weather into this equation, we have to look at the relocation from a whole other perspective.

    If you are a warm-to-cold newbie, this guide will be perfect for you. I will try to cover all the essentials of moving to a colder climate, in as many details as possible. Let's begin!

    Your body reacts differently when exposed to cold weather

    It is interesting to know how your skin reacts to the sun. When being exposed to the sun's rays, the skin generates vitamin D, which in return strengthens your immune system.

    Furthermore, if you expose yourself to the sun, you will feel less stressed.

    With this in mind, you may experience some mood changes when moving to a colder climate. Nevertheless, some people prefer winter, and they feel better when exposed to cold weather. My advice is, prepare yourself mentally for this change.
    Winterize your home, fix the windows and make sure your faucets don’t freeze Winterize your home, fix the windows and make sure your faucets don’t freeze

    Essentials of moving to a colder climate

    Once your mind is set, and there is no turning back, we can start talking about the essential steps when moving to a colder climate:
    • invest in winter clothes
    • get used to the cold weather
    • prepare your car for the road
    • stay healthy
    • stay active
    I can't arrange these steps in any particular order since they are equally important. Nevertheless, they are all connected.

    In the end, we will talk about buying or renting a winter house, and I'll also give you some general things to think about.

    Invest in winter clothes

    Imagine how would moving to Alaska from another state look like if you didn't layer up on time. Investing in real winter clothes will pay off in the long run. Wind resistant jacket, boots, and a sweater will be worth more than anything once you feel the cold.

    Getting used to the cold weather

    When moving to a colder climate, the hardest thing is to get used to the cold weather. However, the golden rule is to go out as much as you can. If you expose yourself to the wind and the cold, your immune system will develop. The biggest mistake is to stay inside.

    Don’t forget to prepare your car for the winter road
    Don’t forget to prepare your car for the winter road
    If you don't allow your body to get used to the cold, you will have higher chances of getting ill.

    Prepare for moving to a colder climate

    If you are relocating on your own, you have to prepare your car for driving in the cold weather. This means, go to your auto mechanic for a full checkup before you hit the road. Also, don't forget to put the winter tires and chains.

    On another hand, if you wish to move with a moving company, my advice is to search for the one with the most experience, like Verified Movers.

    Always stay healthy

    Do you remember how I said that all of the essential steps for moving to a colder climate are connected? Here is where you'll see it best.
    It is imperative to stay healthy during the winter. To protect yourself from getting ill, you'll have to dress warmly. Here is where investing in winter clothes pays out.

    Also, we talked about regularly going out, so you can adjust to the cold weather.

    Next, you have to stay hydrated and eat well. Drink tea and other hot beverages to keep yourself warm at all times. And above all, always be on the move. But, more about this in the next section!

    Always stay active

    It is crucial to stay active when exposed to cold weather. Always find something to do. This way, you'll improve your blood circulation. Also, your body generates heat when being active. This is another reason to keep yourself busy.

    Winter time is perfect for outdoor activities, so always stay active

    Winterize your home

    Moving to a colder climate also means that you'll have to winterize your home. It is a challenging task, but also a necessity. First, check your windows and doors for the draft. If there is anything you need to repair, do not hesitate.

    If your new place has an attic, check if it's well insulated.

    Outdoors, make sure you drain garden hose and store it. If it freezes, it may tear apart. Also, don't forget to shut the water to the faucets.

    Clean the gutters so the melted snow and debris can run off of the roof.

    Knowing these steps will also make it easy if you are buying a new house. You'll know in advance what is important, and what to look for in a winter home.

    Some things to think about

    When moving to a colder climate, people are always busy doing relocation preparations. In all of the commotion, they might overlook some important details.

    For example, if you are moving with pets during winter.

    For instance, if you have a dog, think about its needs. Dogs require to be taken outside every day, multiple times. If it's cold, you have to think about how to keep them warm. Some breeds like the cold weather, some don't.

    If you have a parrot, never put the cage close to a drafty window. They may die if exposed to the cold wind.

    Pets require special attention, especially during winter

    Moving with children

    Moving to a colder climate with children is a sensitive topic. Always keep them warm. It is smart to bring some medicine with you, just in case they catch a cold.

    If you wish to dress your kids for the cold weather, always use multiple layers. However, many parents overdo it out of fear. If your kids wear too many clothes, they will start to sweat, and it will be easier for them to get sick.

    Stay safe on the road

    I hope this little guide helped you to prepare when moving to a colder climate. Keep in mind that cold weather means winter sports! There are lots of fun activities to do in the snow.

    So, dress well and have a safe trip!

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